22nd of December, 2017

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Havanacoin Vision

Havanacoin is an hybrid peer to peer decentralized stable coin designed to create wealth

"Hybrid (Lending program & incentivized online blockchain community platform)
Havanacoin is borne out of committment to create a community driven decentralized cryptocurrency that gives investors limitless opportunites to stake, invest, and in return earn a substantial interest on investment.

Individual will be rewarded for their post contents, comments and likes via our incentivized online blockchain community platform.

This will serve as a channel in which business,industries and society can achieve prosperity competitiveness and social freedom through blockchain and what individuals need to know to be able to navigate a cyber economy either in trading or investing in long term oriented projects.

Why Havanacoin?

A coin with value protection algorithm

Fast & Secure mode of payment globally

Havanacoin lending program is designed to manage money more than any other investment manager in the world

Referral bonus

Incentivized driven community that rewards individuals for credible post contents and likes.

It is methodologically designed to move and maintain upward trend in value


Maximum Supply 29,000,000 HVC
CrowdSale 7,000,000 HVC Token
Crowdsale Referral : Earn 10% HavanaCoin

Havanacoin price projection



Bitcoin || Ethereum

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Deposit Bitcoin

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Trading In HVC Exchange

Staking process

Download Wallet (Windows, Linux, Mac)

Deposit HavanaCoin

Earn Staking Interest Up to 10% Yearly

Havanacoin Use Cases

Havanacoin will be used as a payment system on our partner merchant’s website

It will serve as native coin for adverts payment on our blockchain community platform.

Store of value and wealth investment

Lending program

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Buy Havanacoin In HVC Exchange

Start lending

Lending Investment Lending Interest (up to 50% per month) Capital Return
$100 - $499 Volatility Interest After 120 Days
$500 - $999 Volatility Interest + 0.05% After 120 Days
$1000 - $4999 Volatility Interest + 0.10% After 120 Days
$5000 - $9999 Volatility Interest + 0.20% After 120 Days
$10000 - $49999 Volatility Interest + 0.25% After 120 Days
$50000 - $99999 Volatility Interest + 0.30% After 90 Days
$100000 above Volatility Interest + 0.35% After 60 Days


Level Referral Bonus From Lending Investment Matching Bonus From Lending Interest
1 10% 6%
2 4% 2%
3 2% 1%
4 1% 1%
5 0.5% 0.5%
6 0.25% 0.25%
7 0.25% 0.25%